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Do Capacitive Touch Screens Work with Gloves?

Touch screen technology is everywhere—on our phones, at work, and even in public spaces. They make life simpler and work faster. But in many workplaces where gloves are mandatory, like hospitals or construction sites, people often wonder if they can still use touch screens without taking their gloves off. The good news is, yes, capacitive touch screens, especially projected capacitive touch screens, do work with gloves on.

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Understanding Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

Projected capacitive touch screens are known for their sharp response and accuracy. They’re popular in many sectors, including healthcare, industry, and retail. These screens work by sensing the natural electrical properties of the human body, which can be a challenge when you’re wearing gloves. Fortunately, advances in this technology have largely solved this issue.

Glove Compatibility with Capacitive Touch Screens

Projected capacitive touch screens are designed to be used with various types of gloves, as long as they are no thicker than 2mm. This makes them incredibly useful for professionals across many fields. Here’s how they handle different types of gloves:

Latex Gloves: These are the thin gloves often seen in hospitals and labs, where cleanliness is crucial.

Cotton Gloves: These are common in factories and workshops, where they protect against scrapes and keep hands warm.

Rubber Gloves: Used by those handling chemicals or working with electricity, offering protection from harmful substances and electric shocks.

Labor Protection Gloves: These are sturdy gloves used in building and other heavy-duty jobs, offering both durability and protection.

It’s important that the gloves are not thicker than 2mm to ensure the touch screen can detect the user’s touch without any trouble.

Applications and Benefits

The ability to use capacitive touch screens with gloves is a major advantage in places where safety and hygiene are top priorities. In medical settings, for example, staff can operate equipment without risking contamination. In industrial environments, employees can interact with machines without having to remove their protective gloves, keeping them safe and efficient.


Projected capacitive touch screens go beyond just being finger-friendly; they are versatile enough to work well with various glove types up to 2mm thick. This feature enhances accessibility and expands the range of settings where touch screens can be effectively used—from hospitals and construction sites to labs. Their ability to work with gloves ensures that safety and functionality can coexist seamlessly.

If you’re looking for reliable touch screen solutions that accommodate glove usage, check out Eagle Touch. Our top-quality capacitive touch screens can be customized to suit specific needs and environments, boosting both operational efficiency and user experience.

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