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The Best 50 Computer Hardware Blogs

In the computer hardware industry, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. As a seasoned professional in this domain, I know how crucial it is to have reliable sources of information. That’s why I’ve compiled this essential list of the top 50 computer hardware blogs you absolutely must follow.

The Essentials

  1. PC Perspective

Exploring Technology and Computer World. Your definitive source for in-depth hardware analysis.


Your Guide to Embedded Technologies. A must-read for specialists in embedded systems.

  1. PC World

Empowering Technical Users. Comprehensive reviews and guides for technical consumers.

  1. Ars Technica

Unveiling Technical Insights. A blend of tech news, reviews, and advanced topics.

  1. Tom’s Hardware

Your Destination for Tech Enthusiasts. Hardware reviews and how-to guides for tech aficionados.

For the Review Seekers

  1. AnandTech

Your Source for News and Reviews. In-depth reviews and tech news, all under one roof.

  1. Computer Hardware Blog

Trusted Source for PC Hardware. A reliable source for reviews and recommendations on PC hardware.

  1. The Embedded Blog

Exclusive News and Updates. Stay updated on embedded systems with exclusive news.

  1. Embedded Systems Design

Essential Resources for Developers. A resourceful hub for embedded system developers.

  1. Poftut

Answering Common IT Questions. A comprehensive platform to solve your everyday tech queries.

The Niche Players

  1. Embedded Use

Insights from a Qt Embedded Systems Specialist. Specialized insights into Qt for embedded systems.

  1. Beem Build

Your Guide to Computer Technology. An innovative blog focusing on computer technology guides.

  1. PC Review

Computing Reviews and Technical Support. Your one-stop shop for computing reviews and technical support.

  1. PureOverclock

News and Forums on PC Hardware. A community forum and news hub for PC hardware enthusiasts.

  1. Linoxide

Linux Tips and Tricks. A treasure trove for Linux enthusiasts.

The Cutting-Edge Explorers

  1. ExtremeTech

Uncovering Emerging Technologies. Stay ahead of the curve with ExtremeTech.

  1. Mini ITX

Exploring the World of Small Computer Hardware. For enthusiasts interested in small form factors.

  1. TechPowerUp

Powerful Online Community for PC Hardware. A vibrant online community for hardware discussions.

  1. TechArp

Leading the Way in Technology News. Your source for the latest tech news.

  1. Bit-Tech

Fair and Authoritative Reports on Games and Hardware. For unbiased and authoritative insights.


  1. Overclockers Club

Unleashing the Potential of Your PC. A specialized blog on overclocking your hardware.

  1. Tech Report

Exploring Personal Computer Hardware. Get up-close and personal with PC hardware.

  1. Hardware Secrets

Detailed Reviews and Articles. In-depth reviews and articles on computer hardware.

  1. CPU World

Your Comprehensive CPU Resource. A one-stop resource for CPU-related information.

  1. TechSpot

Comprehensive Tech Publication. A well-rounded tech blog for hardware reviews.

  1. HEXUS

Active and Engaging Technology Website. A dynamic platform for tech enthusiasts.

  1. Guru of 3D

Top Enthusiast Resource for PC Hardware. A valuable resource for PC hardware enthusiasts.

  1. TFT Central

Your Source for Computer Screen Reviews. The go-to source for display technology.

  1. ComputerWorld

Enhancing Business through Technology. A business-centric blog for tech professionals.

  1. Embedded Artistry

Advanced Insights into Embedded Systems. For deep insights into embedded systems.

The Best 50 Computer Hardware Blogs
The Best 50 Computer Hardware Blogs
  1. Hot Hardware

Exploring the Latest in Tech News. Your source for the latest hardware news.

  1. Fudzilla

Latest News and Reviews on Technology. For the latest updates in technology.

  1. Hardware Canucks

Stay Informed with PC Tech News. A blog to keep you updated on PC tech.

  1. PC Stats

Your Guide to PC Reviews and Guides. Comprehensive guides and reviews on PC hardware.

  1. NeoSeeker

A Hub for Game Cheats and Discussions. For gaming hardware and cheats.

  1. Jonny Guru

Trusted Reviews on Power Supply Units. A specialized blog on power supply units.

  1. Hardware Zone

The Authoritative Voice on Technology. A trusted voice in the tech community.

  1. Dom’s Tech Blog

Insights from a Computer Engineer. Expert insights into computer hardware.

  1. Bjorn 3D

Reviews and News on PC Hardware. For news and reviews on PC hardware.

  1. Tech Guided

Reviews, Guides, and Best Choices. A comprehensive guide to choosing the best hardware.

  1. We PC

Insightful Tutorials and Buying Guides. For tutorials and hardware buying guides.

  1. Kit Guru

Meticulously Composed Technology Content. Detailed and carefully crafted tech content.

  1. Computer Weekly

IT Resource for IT Professionals. A comprehensive IT resource for professionals.

  1. Techgage

Independent Tech News for Enthusiasts. Independent and up-to-date tech news.

  1. Computer Hardware Explained

Your Guide to PC Parts. An educational blog on computer hardware.

  1. Trusted Reviews

Reviews You Can Trust. Reliable and trusted hardware reviews.

  1. PC Part Picker

Price Guidance and Compatibility. For price comparisons and compatibility checks.

  1. Bootlin

Open-Source Software for Embedded Systems. A blog for open-source enthusiasts.

  1. Tom’s Guide

Your Tech Decision-Making Companion. A comprehensive guide for tech decisions.

  1. Hardware Analysis

In-Depth Analysis of Technologies. For deep dives into hardware technologies.


Having the right information at your fingertips is as valuable as having the right hardware on your production line. This list of 50 computer hardware blogs is an indispensable resource for procurement officers, distributors, and anyone with a vested interest in computer hardware. Bookmark these sites, and you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions in this dynamic industry.

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