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Why Our PCAP Monitors Stand Out

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Elevate your interactive experience with Eagle Touch’s PCAP (Projected Capacitive) Touch Monitor. Designed for the most demanding industrial environments, our top-quality touch screens offer unparalleled sensitivity, durability, and visual clarity. Ideal for procurement officers and computer display distributors who prioritize both quality and competitive pricing.

Original Brand New LCD

Benefit from vibrant, high-resolution displays with our Original Brand New LCD panels, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

Custom Frame

Tailor your monitor's look and feel with custom frame options to match your specific industrial environment and aesthetic needs.

Multi-touch Functionality

Supports up to 10 touch points for a versatile user experience

Wide Viewing Angle

Ensure crisp and vivid images from all angles, making it perfect for collaborative work environments or public information kiosks.

Versatile Mounting

Enjoy flexibility in installation with multiple mounting options, compatible with various industrial setups and spaces.

Extended Lifespan

Built with high-quality components that extend the monitor’s life, reducing the total cost of ownership in the long run.

Our Service

Why Us?

When it comes to PCAP touch display technology, few can match the quality, innovation, and dedication that Eagle Touch brings to the table. Here are the reasons why Eagle Touch stands as an unparalleled choice in the market:

Customization Capabilities

Industry Expertise


Technical Support

Quality Assurance

SIZEPART NumberResolutionBrightnessInterfaceWorking TemperatureNote
7“ETH070TCOPA01800*480750VGA+HDMI-30 to 85 Degree Celsius (Operation)suitable for outdoor applications
7"ETH070TCOPAC81024*600500VGA+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)IK10 touch glass
10.1"ETT101OP0031280*800350/600VGA+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)
15”ETT150TCOPA001024*768350VGA+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)
15“ETT150TCOPA011024*768350VGA+DP+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)Aviation Connector for power input
15”ETT150TCOPA021024*768350VGA+DP+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)IPS viewing angle,Aviation Connector for power input
15.6"ETT156TNOPA011920*1080250VGA+HDMI0 to 55 Degree Celsius (Operation)
15.6"ETH156TCOPA021920*1080450/1000VGA+DVI+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)
17"ETT170TCOPA001280*1024250VGA+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)
18.5"ETT185OP0011366*768250VGA+DVI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)
18.5"ETH185CT41PF011920*10801000VGA+DVI+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)4mm thickness touch glass.
19"ETT190TCOPA011280*1024250VGA+DVI+HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)
19"ETT190TCOPA021280*1024450VGA+DVI+HDMI-20 to 70 Degree Celsius (Operation)
21.5"ETT215TCOPA001920*1080250VGA+HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)
21.5"ETT215TCOPA011920*1080500VGA+DVI/HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)
21.5"ETT215TIOPA001920*1080250VGA+DVI/HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)infrared touch screen
23.8"ETT238TCOPA001920*1080250VGA+DIV+HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)
27"ETT270TCOPA001920*1080300VGA+DVI+HDMI0 to 55 Degree Celsius (Operation)
32"ETT320TCOPA001920*1080400VGA+DVI+HDMI0 to 50 Degree Celsius (Operation)

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Interactive Experience


Our Customization Capabilities

At Eagle Touch, customization isn’t just an add-on, it’s our specialty. From the size and shape of the touch display to the software capabilities, we tailor our products to meet your unique requirements.

Your Inquiry

We kickstart your project with a detailed understanding of all essential factors including the usage scenario, environment, size, and precise parameters to ensure the monitor will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Our Evaluation

thoroughly assesses your specified needs, including touchscreen size and hardware platform, to provide solutions with premium materials for easy setup and seamless operation.

Mechanical Design

Upon confirming customization feasibility, we send a detailed quote for your approval. Our engineers then craft a prototype meeting your exact specifications with utmost precision.

From Sampling to Delivery

With your design approval, we create a sample for your confirmation. Successful validation leads to a pilot run, fine-tuning details before ramping up to mass production.


Before Purchase
PCAP Touch Monitor

Using Environment Conditions

Consider if the monitor can handle the dust, moisture, and space where it will be used.

Size and Resolution Fit

Choose a size that fits your space and a resolution that provides clear visuals.

Brightness Visibility

Ensure the screen is bright enough to be seen in the intended lighting conditions.

Interface Port Connections

Check if it has the necessary ports for your equipment and future tech updates.

Working Temperature Durability

Make sure it can work well in the temperatures of your environment.

Integration Compatibility

Confirm it works with your existing systems and is easy to install.

Insider's Look

What Influences the Pricing of PCAP Touch Screen Monitors?

Navigate the complexities of PCAP Touch Screen Monitor pricing with this focused guide. We break down the key cost factors, from raw materials to customization options, empowering you to make well-informed procurement decisions.


New: Utilizes premium-quality, long-lasting materials that ensure durability and top-notch performance.

Refurbished: More cost-effective but may compromise on durability and long-term reliability.


Public: Standardized housing options

Customized: Designed to fit your unique specifications

Housing Material: Options may include plastic, metal, or specialized alloys. The choice of material can impact both durability and cost.

Additional Factors

Screen Coatings: Anti-glare, anti-reflective

Connectivity Options: USB, HDMI, VGA

Operational Temperature: Built to withstand extreme conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding PCAP Touch monitors


A PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch screen monitor utilizes capacitive technology to enable multi-touch functionality. It is often used in industrial applications and other environments requiring durable and sensitive touch interfaces.


PCAP touch screens offer multi-touch capabilities and higher sensitivity, while resistive touch screens are generally single-touch and require pressure to register a touch.


“Better” depends on the application. PCAP touch screens offer high sensitivity and multi-touch, while infrared screens are known for durability and can be used in large-format displays. 


All PCAP touch screens are capacitive, but not all capacitive screens use the projected capacitive technology. PCAP allows for multi-touch capabilities, whereas basic capacitive may not.


Some potential drawbacks include higher costs and potential sensitivity to electrical interference.


Optical touch screens use cameras and infrared lights for touch detection, while capacitive touch screens use the human body’s natural conductivity for the same purpose.


Infrared touch screens use light beams to detect touch, whereas capacitive screens use the electrical properties of the human body. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.


Some PCAP touch monitors are designed to work with gloves, but this may depend on the thickness and material of the gloves.

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