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Custom Touch Solutions

Transform your industrial processes with Custom Touch Solutions from Eagle Touch. Engineered for optimal performance and versatility, our tailor-made touch displays and computing solutions effortlessly merge with your existing infrastructure, offering an exceptional user interface and enhanced operational productivity.

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Custom Resistive Touch Screen

  • Custom size: 3.5” -23.8”.
  • Supported pen, finger, and any stylus input.
  • Provides both 4-wire/5-wire resistive touchscreen custom service
  • Anti-glare, glare ITO film treatment.
  • EETI solution provided.
  • Low production costs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High resistance to dust and water.
  • Actuated by bare finger, gloved hand, or stylus.
  • Suited for handwriting recognition.

Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

  • Custom size: 7” -65”.
  • Supported Touch input: Finger, gloves and passive pen. Working with water.
  • Supported CG surface treatment: AG, AR, AF etc.
  • Supported CG thickness:0.5mm, 0.55mm,1.1mm. 2mm. 3mm. 4mm. 6mm. 7mm and so on.
  • Supported CG shape: support special-shaped, curved, etc.
  • TFT LCD bonding: air bonding, OCA bonding, LOCA bonding
  • Supported touch solution: EETI, ILITEK and others
  • Supported custom logo
  • Resistance to surface contaminants and fluids (dust, oil, grease, moisture).

Custom Panel PCs

  • Custom size: 7”-55”
  • Supported Touch type: resistive type and PCAP type touchscreen
  • Supported  Intel Celeron, I3/I5/I7, etc Processor.
  • Supported custom interface.
  • Brand New Industrial Degree TFL LCD.
  • Support brightness and temperature. Custom logo and installation method customization.
  • Support IP65/65 water and dustproof.
  • Support Embedded and VESA mount
  • Support Fanless Design.

Custom Industrial Monitors

  • Custom size: 7”-55”
  • Supported Touch type: resistive type and PCAP type touch screen
  • Supported CG surface treatment: AG, AR, AF etc.
  • Supported custom interface: VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP and so on.
  • TFT LCD bonding: air bonding, OCA bonding, LOCA bonding
  • Support brightness and temperature. Custom logo and installation method customization.
  • Custom type: open frame display, embedded display, industrial displays,
  • Wall-mount displays, pure flat display,


How to work with Us?

Customized your Touch Solutions?: Bringing Your Project Vision to Life!

Your Inquiry

We kickstart your project with a detailed understanding of all essential factors including the usage scenario, environment, size, and precise parameters to ensure the monitor will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Our Evaluation

thoroughly assesses your specified needs, including touchscreen size and hardware platform, to provide solutions with premium materials for easy setup and seamless operation.

Mechanical Design

Upon confirming customization feasibility, we send a detailed quote for your approval. Our engineers then craft a prototype meeting your exact specifications with utmost precision.

From Sampling to Delivery

With your design approval, we create a sample for your confirmation. Successful validation leads to a pilot run, fine-tuning details before ramping up to mass production.

IK10 definition

What is IK10 Touch Screen?

IK10 is the highest rating for mechanical impact resistance based on the international standard IEC 62262. Products that achieve an IK10 rating have been tested and proven to withstand impacts of up to 20 joules, making them suitable for environments where durability and ruggedness are required.

Features of IK10

High Impact Resistance

Enhanced Durability

Vandal Proof

Increased Safety

Premium Quality Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Custom Touch Solutions

Answer: Industrial touch screen monitors generally use resistive or capacitive touch technologies, each with its own set of advantages. Capacitive touchscreens offer multi-touch capabilities and higher clarity, while resistive touchscreens are more resistant to dust and water.

Answer: Yes, many industrial touch screen monitors are designed to withstand harsh environments. They often come with features such as dust and water resistance, rugged build quality, and high brightness for visibility in various lighting conditions.

Answer: The lifespan of industrial touch screen monitors can vary but they are generally built for longevity, with many offering upwards of 50,000 hours of continuous operation, ensuring a reliable performance over several years

Answer: Yes, several manufacturers offer customization options allowing clients to specify their preferred dimensions, display resolutions, and other technical specifications, producing monitors that meet their exact needs.

Answer: Warranty terms can vary between manufacturers. A standard offering is a 1- 2 year warranty, with some manufacturers offering extended warranties to guarantee longer protection for your investment.

Answer: Quality control processes can differ among manufacturers, but they generally involve stringent measures at every production stage, from raw material sourcing to final assembly, to ensure that only top-quality products are produced.

Answer: Production lead times can vary depending on several factors including order volume and customization requirements, but a typical range is 4-6 weeks.

Answer: In the industry, common payment terms include T/T in advance, and depending on the business agreement and order volume, other payment methods such as L/C might be accepted.

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