IK10 Touch Screen

Super vandalismTouch screen , particularly suitable for use in public kiosks, industrial control panels, outdoor displays, and in environments prone to heavy equipment interaction.

What is an IK10 Touchscreen (super Vandalism touchscreen?)

An IK10 touchscreen, often referred to as a super vandalism-resistant touchscreen, is the highest-rated durable display in the IK rating system, designed to withstand significant mechanical impacts. This rating indicates that the touchscreen can endure the energy of 20 joules, equivalent to the impact of a 5 kg mass dropped from a height of 40 cm. Engineered for environments where screens face potential rough handling or vandalism, IK10 touchscreens are ideal for public access terminals, industrial control panels, and outdoor kiosks, ensuring operational reliability and longevity even in the most challenging conditions.

IK10 Touch screen

Vandalisim Touchscreen for outdoor application
  • Size: available for a size range 10.1" to 65"
  • Thickness: 6mm thickness cover glass
  • Touch Solution: EETI
  • Surface treatment: AG+AF
  • -20 to 70 working temperature

Looking for a vandalproof touch screen with your own size? Let's Customize!

Exploring options for a vandal-proof touchscreen? If you are looking for a high-standard vandal-proof touchscreen or IK10 touchscreen, contact us now. Our team is ready to tailor a solution just for you.

Comparative Table of IK Ratings: Impact Resistance, Equivalent Scenarios, and Glass Thickness Requirements

IK CodeImpact Energy (Joules)Equivalent Impact ScenarioGlass Thickness (mm) *
IK000 (No protection)N/AN/A
IK010.140.25 kg ball dropped from 0.56 meters1.1
IK020.20.25 kg ball dropped from 0.8 meters1.1
IK030.350.25 kg ball dropped from 1.4 meters1.1
IK040.50.25 kg ball dropped from 2 meters2
IK050.70.25 kg ball dropped from 2.8 meters2
IK0610.5 kg ball dropped from 2 meters3
IK0720.5 kg ball dropped from 4 meters3
IK0851.7 kg ball dropped from 2.94 meters4
IK09105 kg ball dropped from 2 meters6
IK10205 kg ball dropped from 4 meters6



Customize Vandalproof touchscreen ( IK10 touchscreen) What you need to pay attention to :

1. Material Selection

  • Glass Type: Opt for tempered glass for strength and safety with 6mm thickness glass.
  • AG (Anti-Glare) Etching AG: Apply etching AG For long term availability to reduce glare, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain in bright environments.
  • High-Temperature Ceramic Ink :Use for durable, scratch-resistant designs and branding, fused onto the glass surface for long-lasting customization.

2. Touch Sensitivity :

  • eeti Touch Solution: Leverage eeti’s advanced touch technologies that offer high precision and responsiveness, ensuring smooth and accurate user interactions even through thick, durable glass.
  • Anti-Interference: Incorporate eeti’s anti-interference technology to maintain touch sensitivity and accuracy in environments with high electromagnetic interference, preserving the touchscreen’s reliability and performance.

More information about IK10 (Vandalproof ) Touch screen

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