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How to check if there is any interference on the touch screen for ILITEK touch solution

Step 1:

1. Connect the touch screen USB interface well with computer.

1. Connect the touch screen USB interface well with the Computer.

Open ILITEK Tuning Tool

2. Open the ILITEK Tuning Tool


3. Click Connect as the above picture shows.


4. Click Yes.


5.  Open FUNCTION, Choose CDC

Choose BG-RAW,and Start Test.

6.  Choose BG-RAW and Start the Test.

evaluation page

7. Check the data changes on the picture showed above to see if there is any interference, or you can take a dynamic video of this page and send it to the software engineer for evaluation.

Step 2:

click advanced

1. repeat above 1-3, and then Click Advanced and choose Frequency-Spectrum.

touch the touch screen

2. Touch the touchscreen till the testing is over.

10 times testing

3.  Testing 10 times of the above picture shows and see if any changes and then Screenshot the final result page to the engineer for evaluation.


Below is the video shows how to self check the touchscreen is interferenced or not.


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