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Elo is a global leader in touch screen solutions, including modern point-of-sale systems and interactive digital signage, ranging in size from 7’’ to 65’’. Elo now has more than 200,000 retail and hotel facilities in more than 80 regions/countries. Its products are designed in California and come with a three-year standard warranty. The Elo touch screen experience always stands for reliability, innovation, and quality. Elo's product portfolio includes various interactive touch screen monitors, OEM touch screens, touch screen computers, touch screen monitors, and touch screen controllers. You may have interacted with Elo touch screens in interactive kiosks, game consoles, hotel systems, Wayfinder displays, point-of-sale terminals, transportation applications, interactive retail displays.

3M Touch Systems Inc

3M Touch Systems, Inc. manufactures and supplies pen-sensitive and touch input systems. The company's products include electronic whiteboards, touch screens, self-service kiosks, point-of-sale devices, information point displays, and entertainment and gaming systems. 3M Touch Systems provides services to customers worldwide. It was established in 1983 and is in St. Pual, USA.

DMC Touch Screens

DMC Co. Ltd. is a touch screen manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, providing a series of touch screens from 3.8 inches to 46 inches diagonal for display panels.

·         Available touch screen technology: resistive touch technology with multi-touch and single-touch function, and the newer capacitive touch technology, which has a lighter operating pressure.

·         DMC's analog resistive 4-wire and 5-wire touch screens are particularly suitable for low-cost, compact applications.

·        Glass technology allows unrestricted operability and can be cleaned with gloves and all detergents


Through unique technology development method, they successfully realized the mass production of glass resistive touch panel type, bringing the latest electronic components to advanced industries. They have made quite a lot of achievements in the automotive touch panels produced for the automotive industry; They have received overwhelming support in the areas of quality and service.

In addition to developing various touch panel types, they have also strengthened their high-precision processing technology capabilities.

They provide these products,

·         Resistive glass touch panel

·         Resistive low-load touch panel

·         Optical touch panel (infrared scanning type)

·         Electrostatic capacitive touch panel (film type)

·         Electrostatic capacitive touch panel (glass type)

·         Optical touch panel (retro-reflective type)

·         Photoresist hybrid touch panel


AMT focuses on providing high-quality touch technology for industrial, mission-critical, and medical applications. AMT was established in Taiwan in 1998. AMT have extensive experience in the development, design, and production of total touch solutions, and can provide one-stop production of PCAP and resistive controllers, touch panels, and device drivers.

It provides:

·         Touch screen display solution

·         Open touch screen display

·         Projected capacitive touch screen display

·         Optical bonding service

Eagle Touch

Eagle Touch is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing, research and development, and sales of touch screen displays and touch screens, providing complete touch solutions and high-quality touch screen products for the global touch market. As a Chinese touch screen manufacturer, Eagle Touch always uses the latest technology to update production line. Their current product line includes resistive touch screen 4/5 line (PCAP) projected capacitive touch screen. (EETi and Ilitek solutions). Eagle Touch established a touch display production line in 2010, and its main products include open displays, touch screen displays, custom displays and all-in-ones.


Zytronic has more than 2 years of experience in the field of digital display manufacturing company based in Newcastle and has now developed a global influence with the help of Zytronic Japan and Zytronic Inc. Committed to the future of touch interaction for self-service and public use, today's multinational manufacturers continue to develop cutting-edge technologies, making them one of the fiercest competitors in the market.

Projected capacitive technology (PCT) experts make touch screens that are durable and of high quality-making these screens an ideal solution for all demanding work environments.


HIGGSTEC Inc is a Taiwanese company engaged in the research and development of touch technology. The company's products include customized 5-wire resistive touch solutions, standard 5-wire resistive touch solutions, and projected capacitive touch solutions and controllers. Its products are used in automotive, military, medical, gaming, and marine industries.


In addition to having a wide range of product applications and multi-faceted solutions, TPK is also equipped with industry-leading touch panel technology. Its products include various types of structures glass-film-film (GFF), such as glass-glass (GG), and single glass solution (SGS), including Touch-on-Lens (TOL)), single glass solution (OGS)), Glass-Film (G1F), etc. TPK goal is to improve the performance of TP products while making them lighter and thinner.

In addition, as an industry leader, through continuous research innovation, and development, TPK provide better multi-touch and large-size touch solutions and have obtained SITO structure (single indium tin oxide structure) and hundreds of other TP patents.

A D Metro

AD Metro is a leading supplier of touch screen solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), system integrators and value-added resellers. Our touch screen solutions are designed to meet the requirements of industrial, commercial, and military applications. AD Metro products are embedded in control panels, displays, kiosks, all-in-one PCs and mobile computing devices. They are widely deployed in a wide range of applications in gaming, healthcare, aerospace, industrial, medical, marine, retail, transportation, and military fields. Millions of people around the world are exposed to A D Metro solution every day.

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA armored glass touch screen is the industry’s most durable resistive touch screen sensor and a fully proven solution that is ideal for harsh operating environments.


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