Background analysis:


In recent years, with the development of education informatization and the actual demand for university talents to quickly integrate with society, a large amount of campus information and social information needs to be transmitted from the information platform to university students in a healthy, standardized, rigorous and efficient manner. The characteristics of each department Introduction, recruitment information of state key laboratories, academicians of the two academies, graduated college students, publicity of the Communist Youth League party committee, reports on major domestic and international events, new library book catalogs, reminders of book and return times, canteen menu prices, headquarter and branch campuses The transmission of information such as class, dormitory student management, etc. requires the use of modern network information release platforms for classification, editing, management, and release; relying solely on traditional website publicity and campus posters is far from being sufficient for timely information transmission and According to the needs of content management in different regions, the application of the school’s multimedia information publishing system on college campuses provides a platform for campus information display and information exchange, which meets the needs and atmosphere of modern campus construction and creates an effective school environment The environment integrated with the social system is also an inevitable trend of the school's digital development.


Demand analysis:


Image construction and display In addition to the strength of hardware facilities, the school needs to show more energy and image of soft power. Through the multimedia display system, it can be like an open window to let more people see the whole picture of the school, such as: this school The history of the school, the development history of each department, celebrities, introductions to key disciplines, introductions to national key laboratories, visits by leaders, etc., can be displayed in real time at the entrance of the main building, prominent public areas and other places. Let school freshmen and visiting social groups know more about the school. There is a large amount of information that needs to be transmitted within the school, such as knowledge, teaching information, curriculum information, and teaching management information. The information release system can display different content on different occasions, facing different audiences, and at different times. Facing students of different grades, display the content of course arrangement information, advanced deeds, student selection, teaching results, emergency notices, famous sayings, etc., to achieve targeted information transmission. Facing faculty and staff, release management information, conference information, selection of excellent teachers, work dynamics, and daily life information.

Electronic Class Card System for Teaching Building


One or more information release points are installed in the lobby or elevator entrance and stairway of the teaching building, which is helpful for the college to issue notices, announcements, course schedules, lectures by authoritative professors, good deeds, news, etc., which are conducive to students' learning and understanding Information content; it is helpful for students to better understand school policies and social development; thus enriching the school's teaching methods, also improving the quality of teaching, and optimizing the teaching environment.

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