The Best 50 Computer Hardware Blogs

Embedded technology is a combination of computer memory, processor, and I/O peripherals, which have dedicated functions in larger electrical or mechanical systems.

You can read these blogs, join the latest discussions, discover new services, and get advice from experts to solve problems related to embedded technology.

1. PC Perspective


PC Perspective provides explanations, reviews, and news about technology and the computer world. Pc Perspective explains processors, graphics cards, motherboards, and technical insights and providing detailed analysis to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions based on their specific needs.

1640919356(1).png is the place to get all the information about the latest developments in embedded technologies. It also provides useful resources for the developers and designers, including the latest trends, coding tips and even source codes.
You can read their blog about the 4D imaging radar chipsets to get started.
You can also follow them on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

3. PC World


PCWorld is committed to helping technical users of all experience levels get more benefits from the critical hardware and software in the PC-centric world. we focus on:
• Mainstream computer
• Graphics cards, 
gaming PCs and accessories, and PC games
• SSD, WiFi router, mouse, keyboard, and
  touch screen,  TFT LCD components and accessories
• The latest chips from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel
• PC applications such as Windows, Office, and utilities, from security to productivity

4. Ars Technica


If you want to learn about all the technical thoughts and write articles, there is no better blog than Ars Technica. This blog is undoubtedly the authority to deal with news, breaking technology, analyze technology trends, and conduct comprehensive reviews of the latest editions (even reviews involving popular culture and technology).
Some of the new articles we like recently are as follows: Google keeps shutting down products that are damaging its brand, YouTube tries to prevent angry mobs from abusing the “dislike” button, and Google uses Google Stadia streaming service to enter the game field.

5. Tom's Hardware


Tom’s Hardware is the first choice for technology enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you are buying a laptop, building a PC, or learning how to create a robot with your kids, we have comprehensive editing resources and a vibrant community of experts to help you on your journey.

6. AnandTech


AnandTech is a Blog news and review site. Initially, AnandTech used to be a review site for motherboards and is now a review and blog news for smartphones, PC components, tablets, pre-built desktops, Macs, notebooks, and enterprise/cloud computing technologies. The frequency of this website is 1 post per day.

7. Computer Hardware Blog


Computer Hardware Blog is a trusted source for all information about PC hardware. They have celebrated more than 40 years of service history and are proud of their inability to serve the central and eastern regions of Nebraska with cutting-edge technology. You can get all the information about Apple products, MacBooks, etc. The frequency of this website is 2 posts per day.

8. The Embedded Blog


The Embedded Blog is another great resource for the latest news and updates in the world of embedded technology. It is ran by Flaherty Publishing Ltd. And provides exclusive news, videos and comments. It is a dedicated blog for embedded tech and helps developers keep up to date with the industry.
Their latest blog post about the buy-out of German memory controller designer can be an interesting read.

9. Embedded Systems Design


This blog provides essential resources for the developers, including source codes, troubleshooting steps, and anything else a developer might need. This blog also has their own YouTube channel.
This blog provides useful information for beginners to get started. One of their such blogs is about the connectors and their standard names.

10. Poftut


Poftut Computer has created this site to provide answers to common questions related to IT. These questions come from programming, Linux, Windows, security, and other fields. Therefore, you can find a wide variety of different themes. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to comment, this is the best way to track. The frequency of this website is 1 post per month.

11. Embedded Use


This blog is run by Burkhard Stubert, a specialist in Qt embedded systems. He is a freelancer and works with different companies in developing their technology. In this blog, He writes about his projects and systems He developed. This can be a very interesting read for embedded tech enthusiasts.

12. Beem Build


Beem build is a website dedicated to computer technology for the purchase of RAM, CPU, graphics cards, and motherboards. You will find all information related to computer hardware components. We help beginners find the information they need and ensure the most appropriate purchase in the budget. So, whether you are building a new high-end gaming PC or a budget-friendly option, we will provide buyer guides and reviews here to help you find the right choice.

13. PC Review


PC Review is a computer review website with a useful technical support forum composed of PC experts. If you are experiencing computer problems, please seek advice on our forum. PC Review is a technology news and hardware review site designed to keep you up to date with all the latest developments. We have a friendly forum that provides free expert technical support for any PC or technical issues you may encounter. It takes a few seconds to create an account, after which you can ask us your technical questions or join other members of the community.

14. PureOverclock


PureOverclock is a technology-centric community. They provide news and forums on PC hardware and technology. You don’t want to miss their comments on CPU, motherboard, and RAM. You will learn a lot from their knowledge of all personal computers.

15. Linoxide


Linoxide includes commands, tools, Linux tips and tricks, and server application settings based on FOSS (free and open-source software) technology. The blog provides tips, tools, and popular questions (and answers) that are of interest to new and advanced users. From installation to integration, LinOxide provides usage methods and resources, covering these topics.

16. ExtremeTech

ExtremeTech is a technology blog about computer science (software, hardware) and other technologies. They are researching technology more deeply than ever before. If you need to understand the grinding method of disks and the hum of debris, you can visit this site. Not only do they look at the products, but we look behind the scenes and explore the concepts that drive their development. They have always been interested in covering emerging technologies.

17. Mini ITX

The most beautiful and most advanced computer hardware is made up of small parts. One of these small but awesome parts is Mini-ITX. Essentially, it is the motherboard size of VIA. If you like these small parts, then you will like to read Mini-ITX.
As stated in the blog: “The Mini-ITX motherboard has a processor soldered to the board and a rich supporting chipset, which can provide graphics, networking, and sound. This means that you only must add some hard drives, memory, and power supplies to have one Full computer. You may want to add a case, but this is optional.”

18. TechPowerUp

TechPowerUp is a powerful online community about all computer hardware. Informational articles about product reviews, overclocking, databases, and monitor technology news are the blogs you want to explore.
You will not miss the extra features they provide. We are talking about their image hosting services, their downloads and their software.

19. TechArp

TechArp is a great blog that technology enthusiasts can follow and explore. For decades, this computer hardware blog has been leading everyone to be interested in the latest technology.

For those who want to learn more and improve the performance of their computer BIOS, their guide is a must-read. Other articles you don’t want to miss are “Mobile GPU Comparison Guide” and “Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide.”

20. Bit-Tech

Bit-tech is a leading computer hardware blog, suitable for all technology enthusiasts (from early adopters to modifiers and gamers).
Bit-tech was founded in 2000, and a few years later, it became a professional online publication. The site is known for “reasonable, fair and technically authoritative reports on 
games and hardware“.

21. Overclockers Club

Overclockers Club is an online community of technicians who are keen to get the most from personal computers. Feel that your computer should perform better than it should? Then, this forum is the best source for your best guide. Some of the things you will be discussing are its modification and overclocking guides and hardware reviews.

22. Tech Report

The Tech Report is an online visit for almost anyone interested in exploring personal computer hardware. Tech Report has now become a gathering place for many technology enthusiasts. It is a great resource for reviews and news on everything from the CPU to the graphics, from the motherboard to the chassis and power supply.

23. Hardware Secrets

Hardware Secrets is a website where you can find detailed reviews and articles about smartphones, consumer electronics, and computer hardware. It is full of useful articles about CPUs, motherboards, cooling systems, etc.; technicians of any skill level will love to browse Hardware Secrets.

24. CPU world

If you want to know about the CPU, I suggest you check CPU-World. Created by programmers with decades of experience in different programming languages, the website, and online community has developed into a reliable resource for everything about CPUs.

25. TechSpot

TechSpot is a computer and technical online publication for enthusiasts of any skill level. Whether you are an IT staff, a casual user, or a gamer, certain features in TechSpot can meet your needs.
What makes TechSpot worth reading every day is that it covers almost everything you want to know about the latest computer technology. From reviews to guides to recommendations, TechSpot has something for you. Some of our favorite readings are in their buying guide and reviews.


There is no doubt that HEXUS has nearly one million community members and is one of the most active technology websites you can explore today. HEXUS has been online for 21 years, and it is the number one independent technology news and review site in the UK.

27. Guru of 3D

3D masters are considered top enthusiasts of interactive entertainment and PC hardware and are a must-read for anyone who wants to learn the latest knowledge of computer hardware.
Although there are a lot of informative articles on motherboards, video cards, power supplies, storage devices, 
touch monitor etc., the excellent readings of 3D masters are their excellent reviews.independent technology news and review site in the UK.

28. TFT Central

Most computer hardware blogs show many parts of a good PC setup. However, if you are looking for content that only focuses on the screen, then TFT Central is the place you want to go to. For the latest reviews, news, and buying guides on computer screens, please visit this blog. Some of the parts we like are in the comments and their handy TFT selector.

29. ComputerWorld

Computerworld is the computer hardware blog of today’s businessmen. Computerworld is dedicated to enhancing the aptitudes of users to help them create business advantages by competently using today’s powerful mobile, desktop applications, and Web. Computerworld is also responsible for optimizing client systems for IT Managers to provide guidance and help companies innovate customer and employee experience through new collaboration platforms.”

30. Embedded Artistry

Embedded Artistry is a consulting firm based in San Francisco, California, US. Their blog provides immensely useful content for the developers. Their content is in-depth and highly technical, and provides some amazing learning opportunities about the world of embedded systems. Developers can learn new advanced skills and the modern software practices with the content made by Embedded Artistry.
An interesting blog on their website is about valuable engineering lessons.
You can subscribe to their RSS feed or follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

31. Hot Hardware

For anyone who wants to learn about the latest news about games, personal computers, and everything, hot hardware is one of the most popular online destinations. Managed by a group of superb technology enthusiasts, Hot Hardware provides us with carefully written articles, covering the latest technology reviews, hot news from all aspects of the industry, and everything in between.

32. Fudzilla

Another blog you can add to your daily technical reading list is Fudzilla. Fudzilla contains the latest news and reviews on all technologies, artificial intelligence, automobiles, covering mobile phones, the Internet of Things, PC hardware, games. The news section is very active and maybe a good place for discussion with like-minded readers.

33. Hardware Canucks

Hardware Canucks is another computer hardware blog that provides the latest information and comments on PC technology. Although the update frequency of the website is not very high, they still have good posts, and they will provide you with important information. In addition, their social media channels are very active.

34. PC Stats

PC Stats was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the most trusted PC guides, reviews, and technology news destinations on the Internet. They differ from other personal computer blogs in their “beginner’s guide.”
If for some reason you are still using a personal computer, but PC Stats is the first stop to explore.

35. NeoSeeker

This blog is very useful for game cheating and drills. Their reviews come from games and gaming PCs on the global network.
It also has an active community where you can meet other gamers and PC enthusiasts to discuss hardware, games, movies, and other hobbies.

36. Jonny Guru

Jonny Guru is one of those websites that has been around for decades. It has undergone several revisions, but it is still a reliable resource for technical news, reviews, and everything in between. But they are famous for reviews of PSU or power supply equipment.

37. Hardware Zone

The hardware section considers itself “the authoritative voice on technology trends, gadget wars, and nasty life hacks. These are all you can’t avoid.” Guess they are correct.
The articles cover a wide range of topics related to industry news, computer hardware, mobile phones, and everything in between, consumer technology, and you will want to prepare a “hardware zone” every day.

38. Dom’s Tech Blog

If you want to read content written by friends, Dom’s technical blog is the right website for you. The blog is written and managed by a computer engineer. He made detailed comments on various gaming hardware and peripherals. His technical tips are some posts you don’t want to miss.

39. Bjorn 3D

Bjorn 3D was founded in 1996 when its founder purchased his first 3D card. Since the first purchase, his interest in graphics cards has grown and now covers a wide range of hardware. Bjorn 3D provides excellent reviews and news articles.

40. Tech Guided

The “Tech Guided” was written and managed by a “person who wrote computers and wrote books about building computers for a long time”. This blog covers everything that people like in technology blogs: reviews, guides, and best choices.

41. We PC

We PC is popular in many business and technical online magazines. It provides PC builders with the most insightful tutorials and buying guides, so they can build the perfect PC according to their needs while saving a lot of time and money.
One of the great advantages of their website is that the building guides are sorted by budget. They also provide comprehensive reviews on PC components and peripherals.

42. Kit Guru


Kit Guru displays meticulously composed works, accompanied by exquisite photos and rich videos. They are proud to be able to acquire and evaluate the latest technology as fast as any other site on the planet. Then, we will use our skills and experience to provide reliable and reliable buying advice. These propositions are not empty. The blog is full of wonderful comments and the latest news about the technology industry, which makes the blog full of surprises.

43. Computer Weekly

“Computer Weekly” is an online technical magazine that has withstood the test of time and remains the main resource for IT professionals. Their computer hardware blog provides a treasure trove of well-written content for today’s IT leaders. They cover the latest news, provide comprehensive articles on information technology related to different industries, and provide insight into all things IT management.

44. Techgage

Techgage is a technology blog for all types of technicians. According to them, they are a “leading independent technology news site for IT professionals, PC enthusiasts and all kinds of “gear freaks.” Techgage is committed to keeping visitors informed of the latest cutting-edge PC hardware and software. And consumer electronics.”
For in-depth opinions and analysis on the latest news and events in the industry, especially the latest news related to personal computers, there is no better blog than Techgage.

45. Computer Hardware Explained

If the blog name is not enough to make you a fan, then it will provide very useful posts. As the name of the website implies, when you explore the world of personal computers, “Computer Hardware Explained” will serve you. You will gain basic knowledge about parts, uses, and all basic knowledge.

46. Trusted Reviews

Before you make a purchase, especially when it comes to potentially complicated things like buying a personal computer, you must first read the reviews. And, if you are looking for reviews that you can trust, then “trusted reviews” are where you go.
To this end, we have hired experienced expert reviewers who will thoroughly test all the content they recommend explaining the best method for most people. It’s that simple.
Today, our team evaluates 1,000 products every year, making us one of the most influential review sites in the UK.

47. PC Part Picker

Now that you have browsed the best computer hardware blogs, maybe you should consider building a computer. PC part picker is providing information for price guidance and compatibility for do-it-yourself computer manufacturers.

48. Bootlin

Bootlin is an engineering company that specializes in the open-source software for the embedded systems. Moreover, they also do some fantastic work with embedded Linux software. This is an amazing blog for developers who are interested in integrating open-source software in their embedded tech products.
To get an idea about embedded Linux software, you can watch this video on their blog.

49. Tom's Guide

“Tom’s Guide” helps you decide which technology to buy and shows you how to make the most of the technology and solve the problems that arise to improve your life. Tom’s guide is here to help you:
• to achieve goals
• Easily find quality products
• Shop with confidence
• Discover things that others don’t want you to know
• Save time when something goes wrong

50. Hardware Analysis

Hardware Analysis is an online publication designed to meet the needs of demanding home users and audio enthusiasts. The content provided by hardware analysis aims to provide a clear, in-depth, and comprehensive analysis of technologies, products, and the entire industry. The articles provided by Hardware Analysis include industry reports, product pre-sales and reviews, surveys of new technologies, and their impact on the industry, as well as editorials and columns for educational and editorial purposes.


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