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10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch – The Touchscreen Expert.

Deeply rooted in the industrial world, Eagle Touch Technologies Co. Ltd. is steadfastly devoted to upholding the highest levels of quality, which enables it to combine continual technical advancements with lasting industry leadership. Our technologically knowledgeable professionals developed cutting-edge touch screen display solutions using highly skilled Projected capacitive technology. The products manufactured by Eagle Touch have long-lasting touch sense and are highly responsive. Talking about our dealings, we deal in B2B business and we serve other businesses as our customers. #10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch – The Touchscreen Expert.


An open frame monitor is a display that has a metal chassis housing the internal parts without an enclosure or bezel. The benefit of using this sort of screen in your application is that it allows you to create a unique enclosure for specific needs and requirements, whether they be for kiosks, keypads, or signage screens. The following article is regarding the 10.1” touchscreen monitor from Eagle Touch. 


The 10.1” touch monitor from eagle touch is the apt monitor if you are looking for a monitor for business or industrialisation purposes. This 10.1" Open Frame Touch Monitor comes with some great and satisfying features.  The following product by Eagle Touch is highly demanded for businesses.

For digital signs, schools, conference rooms, industrial automation, retail spaces, hotels, and many more applications, it is the ideal interactive solution.


Before getting into the features and specifications of the product, let us look into the need of

the product.


What is the need for an Open Frame Touch Monitor?

Our device, the 10.1” Open Frame Touch Monitor is an ideal choice for business and industrialisation. Many businesses attempt to utilise standard desktop monitors as visual aids, but they are challenging to incorporate into a particular use case design and are not built to last around-the-clock like industrial open frame displays. For your business or industry, we would advise your company to use an Open Frame Touch Screen from Eagle Touch for complex and complicated applications that require integration into larger enclosures or distinctive bespoke designs, or applications that will experience intense or high-use situations in your business.


Additionally, it offers resistance to dust particles and displays an overall better image. This open frame variant is a lightweight design that is ideal for mounting at various locations or integrating into your system utilising clamp support methods. For digital signs, schools, conference spaces, industrial automation, retail outlets, hotels, and many more applications, it is the ideal interactive solution.

Touchscreen displays do not often need the usage of a keyboard and mouse, whereas standard monitors must. They will therefore free up room in your office or anywhere else you want to utilise them.

For process automation, machine control, tracking and data collecting, monitoring, processing visualisation, and quality assurance, open frame touchscreen Monitors offer a wealth of benefits.

 #10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch – The Touchscreen Expert.



Now let’s talk about the features and specifications of one of the best open frame touchscreen monitors, which is highly in demand these days.


10.1” Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor (ETT101OP003) – The best 10.1” touchscreen monitor.


The above-mentioned open frame monitor comes in the size of 10.1 inches. The touchscreen monitor has a 350cd/m2 brightness level and a 1280*800 resolution. On displays, brightness is frequently expressed as cd/m2 or candela per square metre. This shows how you can see the Screen in better illumination. The screen will be brighter and easier to view in bright light circumstances as the value increases. The surroundings and the information being seen may have a big impact on how a person perceives things visually. It may significantly alter a situation based on the surroundings and the user's visual of the material being seen. 

This display uses a 10-point multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen. A touch screen that can recognise and react to ten simultaneous points of contact is known as a 10-point multi-touch screen. With up to ten fingers on the screen at once, one may be able to quickly zoom, flick, rotate, swipe, drag, pinch, push, double tap, or utilise other gestures.


Unlike other open frame touch monitors, this monitor offers a lot of satisfying features and is ideal for a variety of uses, such as point of sale, industrial automation, parking lot, office, digital signage, etc. These features of the monitors make it stand out from other monitors in the market.


The 10.1” touch monitor is PCAP technology. PCAP here stands for Projected Capacitive technology. This technology comes with great advantages like monitors with the PCAP technology are unmatched and include improved touch sensitivity, a clearer, brighter display, support for multiple touches, and resistance to performance degradation from minor cracks and scratches. This technology provides a user-friendly multi-touch experience.


With VGA+HDMI/DVI/DP, open frame monitors are adaptable and may be linked to the host application via a variety of interfaces, including USB, VESA mount, and rack mount. This open frame touch screen provides many connections for signal input. Also, the monitor supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows CE, Android, Linux OS and Mac.


Open frame touch monitors are an excellent option for commercial and industrial settings. They have energy-efficient LED backlighting and LCD panels of great quality. This monitor from Eagle Touch offers a wide range of features like a touch panel for better stability, viewing angle, and brightness. 


This monitor is affordable and cost-effective as it offers high-quality features, unlike other ordinary open-frame touchscreen monitors available in the market. Due to its great brightness, the Touch Monitor's open frame form is highly visible in daylight. The most affordable solutions for other business are provided by open-frame capacitive touch displays.

It provides high performance with low-cost deployment and maintenance in an ergonomic form factor. Also, apart from being cost-effective, this gadget is extremely easy to use and easy to install.

It is also perfect for installation at various places because of its lightweight. This touchscreen offers high-quality graphics and is perfect for open-frame applications. It may help you do much more than simply your workplace if you're seeking a high-resolution alternative for your business. 


Unlike the old and conventional desktop displays, and industrial Open Frame Touch Monitor can run continuously without any kind of problem occurring. This is what our clients need for business or industrialisation purposes. Its high-resolution LCDs offer a variety of advantages for your company. It is the ideal answer for your open frame applications because of its adaptability and simplicity of integration.


The open frame monitors are designed in a way so that they can be used for the longer term. Open frame displays are made to be used for a long time. Open frame panels have a failure rate of under 2%. The open frame monitor for Eagle touch is extremely durable because of its great protection ratings, which make them resistant to liquids, dust, dirt, and other particles. The high durability of the product makes it cost-effective, to provide you great business experience.

Due to its adaptability, an open frame monitor may be used in a variety of settings. These monitors may be fitted into existing hardware or structural housings, such as kiosks because they don't require an enclosure. A bespoke bezel can be made for an open frame display to meet project- or industry’s specific needs.

Since they can be quickly customized for a variety of applications by simply adding components to the internal chassis, open frame monitors provide versatility. With the aid of its flange mounting mechanism, it is simple to include in a product design.

An excellent complement to commercial and industrial applications is the open frame touch screen. Everywhere you look, you may see open frame displays, from skyscrapers to digital advertising displays.

Product Customization – Customizing the product for our customers is one main service that we provide. We can design the product according to our client’s needs or our clients’ business needs. We offer customized products which mean we make products exactly according to the needs of the business or the industry.


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#10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch – The Touchscreen Expert.



Open frame displays have advanced significantly as a result of the quick growth of electronic digital items. Open frame monitor programmes are widely used in the Internet era. It is a component of the computer's input and output device, or I/O device. The above-mentioned open frame monitor supports VESA installation. The monitor's four mounting holes have a millimetre-wide gap between them that is specified by the VESA Standard (distance horizontally x distance vertically). The Video Electronics Standards Association has established this as the process of attaching flat panel monitors, TVs, and other displays on stands or wall mounts.

Eagle Touch is a reputable, skilled, full-service, and omnipotent Chinese producer and supplier of touch monitors and touch screens. We provide variable amounts, customized solutions, and the finest service to our clients. Our Open Frame Monitor series is excellent for various embedded applications and supports back or VESA mounts with integrated design for simple installation and user-friendly as well.

Therefore, the 10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch is one great touchscreen monitor, highly in demand. Our clients being a consumer will never regret associating with us and getting this product from Eagle Touch for their business or work. This is a highly rated product, it offers great features, it is cost-effective and easy to use as well as the installation of the product is also quite easy and affordable. The satisfying features of the monitor are what make it stand out from other monitors available in the market.

We design products for our business clients or customers customized according to their needs, their business needs, etc. A 10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch, is what your business required for various commercial use.

#10.1” Touch Monitor by Eagle Touch – The Touchscreen Expert.


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