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At Eagle Touch, we specialize in top-quality industrial monitors tailored to your unique needs

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sunlight readable monitor

Sunlight readable Monitor

These monitors offer excellent visibility even under bright sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor applications

touch monitor

PCAP Touch Monitor

Featuring Projected Capacitive (Pcap) technology, these monitors offer multi-touch functionality and high image clarity.

ip67 panel pc

Custom Industrial Monitor

customizable industrial display monitors, tailored to meet the unique demands of your business

touch display manufacturer
touch display

About Us

At Eagle Touch, we specialize in crafting high-quality industrial monitors designed to excel in the most demanding industrial environments. Our monitors are not just screens; they are a gateway to improved efficiency and productivity for your business.

Why Choose Eagle Touch Industrial Monitors?

  • Unmatched Durability: Our monitors are precision-engineered for durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

  • Customizable Solutions: Tailored to your application, our monitors seamlessly integrate with your industry-specific requirements.

  • Trusted by Leaders: Join industry leaders who rely on us, including procurement officers, display buyers, and distributors for top-notch solutions.

  • Diverse Sizes: Our industrial monitors come in a range of sizes to meet your specific display needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various applications.


Before Purchase
a industrial Monitor

Using Environment Conditions

Consider if the monitor can handle the dust, moisture, and space where it will be used.

Size and Resolution Fit

Choose a size that fits your space and a resolution that provides clear visuals.

Brightness Visibility

Ensure the screen is bright enough to be seen in the intended lighting conditions.

Interface Port Connections

Check if it has the necessary ports for your equipment and future tech updates.

Working Temperature Durability

Make sure it can work well in the temperatures of your environment.

Integration Compatibility

Confirm it works with your existing systems and is easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Industrial monitors

Answer: Industrial touch screen monitors generally use resistive or capacitive touch technologies, each with its own set of advantages. Capacitive touchscreens offer multi-touch capabilities and higher clarity, while resistive touchscreens are more resistant to dust and water.

Answer: Yes, many industrial touch screen monitors are designed to withstand harsh environments. They often come with features such as dust and water resistance, rugged build quality, and high brightness for visibility in various lighting conditions.

Answer: The lifespan of industrial touch screen monitors can vary but they are generally built for longevity, with many offering upwards of 50,000 hours of continuous operation, ensuring a reliable performance over several years

Answer: Yes, several manufacturers offer customization options allowing clients to specify their preferred dimensions, display resolutions, and other technical specifications, producing monitors that meet their exact needs.

Answer: Warranty terms can vary between manufacturers. A standard offering is a 1- 2 year warranty, with some manufacturers offering extended warranties to guarantee longer protection for your investment.

Answer: Quality control processes can differ among manufacturers, but they generally involve stringent measures at every production stage, from raw material sourcing to final assembly, to ensure that only top-quality products are produced.

Answer: Production lead times can vary depending on several factors including order volume and customization requirements, but a typical range is 4-6 weeks.

Answer: In the industry, common payment terms include T/T in advance, and depending on the business agreement and order volume, other payment methods such as L/C might be accepted.

Efficiency Starts Here: Industrial Monitors by Eagle Touch

Our monitors are crafted with your success in mind, delivering quality, adaptability, and reliability.

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