• What is AG treatment?

AG glass is a diffuse reflection surface that makes the surface of the original glass matte after a special chemical treatment on the surface of the glass, The one or both sides of the high-quality glass sheet are treated with a special chemical surface treatment to make it have a “lower reflectivity” in the same direction compared with the ordinary glass surface, and the light reflectivity is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. Create clear and transparent visual effects, allowing consumers to have a better visual experience.

There are 3 types of AG treatment technology

  1. AG film

  2. Painting AG

  3. Etching AG

Currently the most popular one on market is Etching AG treatment.

  • Can you change the mounting holes on the back of the display to support COM Express Basic size mounting holes.

Our normal mounting method of our monitor is VESA, embedded, lateral brackets mounting method. As well as customized mounting method as customer required. Undoubtedly, COM express basic size mounting holes are supported.

  • Can you make the touch monitor work on Mac OS?

    Our touch monitor support Win XP, Win 7/8/10, win CE, Android, Linux as well as MAC OS.

  • Do your outdoor high brightness touch screens have a light sensor for auto dimming the backlight?

For our outdoor high brightness touchscreens series products. We have the auto dimming sensor light available.

  • What is front waterproof rating of your touch monitors?

We can make our pure flat PCAP touch monitor front surface waterproof rating to IP65.

  • Can you make your input power connector interface that is keyed or locking?

Except the normal type of input power connector interface, we also provide aviation power input connector. With 2pin and 12MM diameter, which is a good design and application for industry field.

  • How to solve the monitor problem if the monitor changes color and become poor quality as below picture show?

how to solve the tft lcdproblem.jpg

  • Press Menu & on/off button at the same time. Till below interface shows up:


  • Press left/Right button and choose “LVDS MP” as below picture show:

  • 222.png

    Press MENU to confirm as below :



  •     Press left/right will show “on” as below:



  •  Press on/off to power monitor again .